A tourist in your own town (Battle Ground, Washington)

Old Town Battle Grounds set in 85 year old church

Old Town Battle Grounds set in 85 year old church

I have a friend who’s lived in New York City for years and yet, on a recent visit, my husband and I raved about frozen hot chocolate we were served at the world-renowned Serendipity 3 and she had never heard of it much less been there. Which leads me to my point; it’s worth it to take a day to be a tourist in your own town. Something wonderful could be right under your nose.

Battle Ground has a terrific coffee shop tucked into an 85 year old church called Old Town Battle Grounds. Order a breakfast burrito to pair with your Americano and you have a great start to a perfect day.

Five minutes north on SR 503 is Lewisville Park. Set along the banks of the Lewis River, this parks’ trail system meanders through 154 acres of tall timbers and expansive lawns. With the main trail measuring three miles, it’s an excellent opportunity for some fresh air and exercise in a beautiful setting.

As long as you’re up this way, why not drive another 25 minutes northeast to Moulton Falls Winery. Surrounded by impressive woodwork, a tasting here can be coupled by a picnic brought from home in a leisurely, unhurried atmosphere. If you choose to come a little later, food is available after 5pm.

Moulton Falls Winery tasting room

Moulton Falls Winery tasting room

Speaking of food, have you checked out Pasta Gigi’s in the Battle Ground Village or Battle Ground Produce at the end of Old Town? We are so fortunate to have these two gourmet markets in a city our size. They each have more to offer than meets the eye so stop in and be inspired.

Still not ready to call it a day? A two minute drive east on 219th Street takes you to Rusty Grape Vineyards. With live music every evening they’re open and a friendly set of owners, they’re quickly becoming the “Cheers” of Battle Ground.


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